Hung Kuen Kung-fu Brno

Wong Fei Hung – Lam Sai Wing – Chan Hon Chung Lineage
Our school has been operating since 1991.

Classes in English
Monday and Wednesday 19:30 – 21:30

A training program is based on Chinese culture, traditions and system of teaching. Its not just about fighting, its way of life, it combines both spiritual and physical.
Regardless of your initial intention: you may want to get in shape, you may prefer to participate in training as a way of meditating through movement, you can pick some self-defense course or internal mind and body training. Whatever your preference may be, that’s all included in the traditional way of Hung Kuen.
You can meet new friends, people of the same mindset and develop your social skills, as classes are mixed. And we organize social events where you can meet people from other groups of the kung-fu school.

What you can expect from Hung Kuen training?

Blood, sweat and tears. Plus FUN.
Hung Kuen is a complete kung-fu system and it mainly relies on a strong body and powerful techniques. So, the entire training is aimed to support and develop those areas.
You will learn proper postures which not only support your body during exercising techniques but also create strong lower body foundations (legs and hips). Techniques – such as strikes, kicks, throws, locks – create strong arms, shoulders and torso and create good connections between the lower and upper part of your body.
Some additional exercises will develop mainly strengthen your tendons and some your whole body.
Forms provide coordination and stability and start your self-defense training which will be developed during partner training.
Hung Kuen training is definitely not easy but creates a base for a lifetime development, as you can improve and perfect your skills, not only while young, but during the entire course of your life.
Even better than attempting to get your answers by reading this page twice is to give Hung Kuen training a try and you will feel and see what a proper hard kung-fu training stands for.
And if you intend to dive into all a little deeper, you can also be a member of our Lion Dance group. This is a voluntary addition to the Hung Kuen training.

Note: If you are interested primarily in health and internal body and mind training you may check our Tai Chi classes.

Where do you find us in Brno?

Since September 2006, we practice at a location in Tkalcovská 3a, Brno.
Here, we have our own gym by ourselves.
To get to us, take trams 2, 4, 9 (from Hlavní nádraží), the name of the stop is Tkalcovská. You can also come here by car and park there.
For more basic orientation, see the photographs or video bellow.
Our facility provides 2 training halls and smaller can be used for the individual training (if not in use for a group training). You can make a cup of tea here (or beer after training) and have a chat with friends.
Most suitable for training are any clothes that allow you to move freely. We train with the shoes on.

Private classes can be held at any time during the day according to your schedule or preferences. If you are interested in private classes, contact me via e-mail or call me to: +420 608 711 933.